John Geraci

Co-Founder and President, CI Squared

Early in my career, I realized the critical importance of working with others, earning the right to influence, effect change and lead. This is the essence of leadership, and the driving force behind my story. I believe that people and organizations have untapped potential for growth and I knew that effective communication was critical to inspiring high performance.

My story begins at West Point where the leadership training and academic structure influenced me greatly. The following six years of leading highly-trained and motivated soldiers laid a useable foundation that could be applied to business. After the military, I worked in the high-growth computer software industry with smart, aggressive and motivated people. I was promoted multiple times from Sales to CEO with challenges and struggles along the journey. Understanding people and effective listening became even more critical skills.

I formed CI Squared with co-founder, Christine Miles, combining my deep operational experience with her behavioral psychology and emotional intelligence background to help leaders improve communication through storytelling for real business results. The dramatic changes occurring in our workforce along with the cutting-edge research we studied on the brain and behavioral economics has inspired me to grow and improve my own leadership skills. We invented an innovative communication framework, The Art of The Nudge (TATN), that helps with the ‘HOW’.

Our vision is to disrupt traditional training and impact millions of people and organizations. Buyer 2.0, Organization 2.0, Employee 2.0 and Leader 2.0 all want and need a new style of interaction and most of us need to adapt. Come have fun with us.

“Great Leaders are foremost creators of great stories.”

Akerlof and Shiller, “ANIMAL SPIRITS”