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David Petraeus Former CIA Director & Commander of United States Central Command On Leadership & Winning Team Culture

Contrary to what many expect, part of leadership is recognizing that it is not all about you. Instead, you have to think of the team. Merging those will then get you the winning team culture you need. In this episode, host Bill Higgs sits down with General David Petraeus, a former CIA Director and Commander of United States Central Command. With his background and experience, General Petraeus takes us deeper into leadership and creating a winning team culture that organizations need in order to excel.


Leadership And Building Great Team Cultures with Chris Widener

  The world is continuously changing that if you don’t adapt to it, you will get left behind. Within organizations, that means going through the motions of change when it comes to leadership and culture. Chris Widener, a world-class thought leader and motivational speaker on leadership, culture, and success, takes...
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Supporting Unit Families Through Deployments with Deanie Dempsey

  When we talk about war, we often think about the people being deployed to support the effort. However, the people that get left behind – their families – need just as much support. Deanie Dempsey, the wife of US Army General Martin Dempsey who was the 18th chairman of...
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Leadership Development And Management: Preparing CFOs For Generational Change with Charles Wilds

  It’s inevitable that the Baby Boomers are going to go out and the Millenials are coming up to take their place. As a CFO or any leader of an organization or company, do you handle the communication bridge from one generation to the other? Our guest for this episode...
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Culture Coaching: A Philosophy On How To Take Care Of People with Thuy Geraci

  When we want to find the best people in the industry, the answer is pretty simple – we need to take good care of them. As an HR professional for Mustang Engineering, Thuy Geraci says the biggest selling tool to bring in people are the employees themselves. When you...
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Empowering Creativity In Companies And Organizations with Brant Cooper

  A great company culture is something that is not only felt by the people within the organization. When employees look forward to working and creating value out in the world, society as a whole gets to improve. Someone who recognizes this far-reaching value is Moves The Needle’s Brant Cooper,...
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