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David Petraeus Former CIA Director & Commander of United States Central Command On Leadership & Winning Team Culture

Contrary to what many expect, part of leadership is recognizing that it is not all about you. Instead, you have to think of the team. Merging those will then get you the winning team culture you need. In this episode, host Bill Higgs sits down with General David Petraeus, a former CIA Director and Commander of United States Central Command. With his background and experience, General Petraeus takes us deeper into leadership and creating a winning team culture that organizations need in order to excel.


Sean Callagy’s Formula Of Formulas For Developing Culture And Leadership

  The culture is a reflection of the leader. Equipping you with the formula of formulas that will help you develop a business that matches who you are in the leadership position is Sean Callagy, one of America’s top trial attorneys and creator of Peak Performance Technologies. Sean speaks on...
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Building A People-First Culture with Mary Needham

  The people you have in the company are just as important to your success as the systems you have in place. A key contributor to Mustang’s unstoppable take off from its inflection point, Mary Needham - senior-level leadership recruiting specialist - talks with host Bill Higgs about how she...
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Management And Inspirational Leadership with Greg Sills

As a leader himself, he shares some leadership techniques that he teaches his team, including the seven steps of culture building. Greg also talks about the Atlantis Project, the complexities that came with it, and how they met the challenges of the world-class mission.
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The Challenges Of Being A Leader with Greg Higgs

  Businesses, at the end of the day, always come back to its people. It is with this that company culture is so crucial to having business success. At the center of this is the role of the founder or CEO who are the ones steering the entire organization in...
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Marketing Cultures with Dena Lee

  Who says marketing is only for your products and services? In this episode, we go beyond the surface and take a closer look into marketing cultures with world-class marketing professional, Dena Lee. Dena takes us through the process of marketing internally and, later on, externally to clients, suppliers, fabricators, and...
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