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David Petraeus Former CIA Director & Commander of United States Central Command On Leadership & Winning Team Culture

Contrary to what many expect, part of leadership is recognizing that it is not all about you. Instead, you have to think of the team. Merging those will then get you the winning team culture you need. In this episode, host Bill Higgs sits down with General David Petraeus, a former CIA Director and Commander of United States Central Command. With his background and experience, General Petraeus takes us deeper into leadership and creating a winning team culture that organizations need in order to excel.


Breaking Glass Ceilings: A Woman Leader In NASA with Sandy Coleman

  Passion breaks all barriers that keep us from pursuing what we love. Our guest, Sandy Coleman, did just that. Despite being a male-dominated industry, Sandy threw herself into the middle of NASA to pursue her passion and vision for space travel. After 40 years, she has received the Lifetime...
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Kris Krohn on How To Build A Team Culture & Make Big Bucks

  Building a team culture that fosters fulfillment and growth is no easy feat in today's business climate. Kris Krohn, a real estate and breakthrough mentor, talks about developing a repeatable process in business that enables you to live with independence. Kris' business success led him to build a "second...
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Stephanie Higgs: Millennial CEO

  Applying what you have learned from others and from life experiences, in general, can either make or break you. As for Stephanie Higgs, she uses her learnings to catapult her unique bespoke clothing business to greater heights. As a Millennial CEO of Cielo Brands in New York, Stephanie shows...
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Building Team Culture with Wendy Stevens

  Building a winning team culture produces great results. Host Bill Higgs chats with Wendy Stevens, a world-class athlete who also coached and built one of the best lacrosse programs in the United States, about the seven steps to help build a culture. Wendy shares how she was able to...
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