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David Petraeus Former CIA Director & Commander of United States Central Command On Leadership & Winning Team Culture

Contrary to what many expect, part of leadership is recognizing that it is not all about you. Instead, you have to think of the team. Merging those will then get you the winning team culture you need. In this episode, host Bill Higgs sits down with General David Petraeus, a former CIA Director and Commander of United States Central Command. With his background and experience, General Petraeus takes us deeper into leadership and creating a winning team culture that organizations need in order to excel.


Creating A Culture Of Success With Heather Broeder

  In today’s episode, host Bill Higgs sits down and talks with the Vice President of Communications and Missions at Refined Technologies, Inc., Heather Broeder, about her successful career at Mustang Engineering. She narrates how she fit in with the male-dominated construction field team and how forward-thinking Mustang was around...
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Coaching Leadership Teams With Barry Conchie

  Only a great leader can train great leaders. In this episode, Barry Conchie, the Founder and President of Conchie Associates, talks about building efficient leaders and coaching leadership teams. Sharing how he moved from research at the Gallup Association Organization to founding Conchie Associates in 2013, he goes through...
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Leading A Team: How To Establish Connection Among Your Team Members with Dr. Richard Shuster

  How has social media and technology improved your life? Being a leader or a game changer of your chosen niche, how have you been using new tools and concepts in helping others find their purpose, leading a team to be more connected with each other, and helping people improve...
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Building A Great Company Culture with Brian Cruver

  When life gave him lemons, Brian Cruver started a lemonade factory out of that. Coming out of a horrendous experience at the demise of Enron, Brian has been starting companies with positive impacts such as Xenex and AlertMedia, to name a few. He is also an investor and advisor...
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